Strike’s Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management


    I still live that quad rail life. I have a lot of Picatinny rail on my AR, and a few cables, as well. I’ve cut myself on enough sharp edges from crudely severed cable ties to know that there must be a better way. Strike Industries has been releasing a lot of cable management products this year, and this is the newest. Introducing the Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management.

    Strike Industries news @ TFB:


    The Strike Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management utilizes the patent pending SI Cable Management System® (CMS) function which enables you to organize and store excess wire from your weapon light or any other cabled accessories while adding a positive tactile feeling. Also protect your Pic rail from damage and protect your hand or thumb from sharp Pic rail edges. Instead of tucking wire anywhere you can and using cable ties or tape to hold it down, this simple and cost-effective solution for messy wires gives you a way to route and/or contain loose wire up to 3.5mm (0.14”) diameter inside the cover cavity.

    Strike’s Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management


    These rail covers were designed to keep your cables organized, as well as protect your Picatinny rail. The built-in channels allow users to route their cables how they see fit: alongside the rail, in a U shape, Z shape, etc. Strike also incorporated a textured surface to add traction while shooting. They use up only two sections of Pic rail, allowing you to place them almost anywhere. These are made of lightweight SI PolyFlex material and come in a pack of six.



    • Length: 0.79″
    • Width: 1.16″
    • Height: 0.37″
    • Weight per cover: 0.10 oz
    • MSRP (six pack): $18.95


    If you’re looking to grab a pack, head over to the Strike Industries website for all of the information. If you want regular updates from Strike, like and follow them on their social media pages. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Stay organized!

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