Cloud Defensive Tape Switch Rail Mount


    For those who dabble with weapon mounted lights, specifically Surefire Scoutlights and their Millennium Series weapon lights, knows the problems with the tape switches. The ubiquitous ST07 tape switch comes with an alcohol wipe and adhesive velcro. Those don’t last long after a while. Other issues arise with the squishiness of the velcro. It gives when you push the tape switch and requires more force to activate the light. You can use rubber bands, tape or zip ties but those still have their own unique problems. One remedy is the SR07 tape switch that is molded rubber and clamps onto picatinny rails. Only problem with the SR07 is that it is not cheap. They retail for around $85.

    Well Cloud Defensive has come up with a machined rail mount to hold the ST07 tape switch with integrated cable keeper. One issue with the SR07 is that the cable is still exposed. The Light Control System solves many of the issues with the tape switch.

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    The LCSMK1 retails for $60. Check it out at

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