Strike Industries Cable Management System Sleeve

    Cable Management System Sleeve

    Cable management can be a pain. It wasn’t until recently that we had effective options that replaced the trusty and jagged cable tie. One downfall of some of these mounting methods was the expense. Strike Industries has given us an extremely low-cost option with their new Cable Management System Sleeve.

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    Cable Management System Sleeve

    The Strike Gear® Cable Management System® Sleeve offers a way for you to attach your switch or pressure pad and secure wires alongside the handguard of your weapon. Just like the rest of the SI Cable Management System® (CMS) line of products, keep your gear organized and personalized for each user.

    The Cable Management System Sleeve From Strike Industries

    Cable Management System Sleeve

    The sleeve is made from two connected polyester elastic webbing loops. The larger portion wraps around the handguard, while the smaller loop slips around the pressure pad. If you don’t want to mount the switch directly to your handguard, this allows you to keep them separate. This also allows you to try different or unconventional mounting positions before going through the process of mounting your switch. An added bonus is the protection your hand enjoys from sharp edges often found on Picatinny rails. This is designed to bring shooters a cost-effective way of managing their cables and staying snag-free. The Cable Management System Sleeve is available in Black and Multicam.

    Cable Management System Sleeve


    • Length: 2.77″
    • Width: 1.97″
    • Height: 0.44″
    • Weight: 0.3 oz
    • MSRP: $3.95

    Cable Management System Sleeve

    If it looks like this could complete the cable management system on your rifle, you can order directly from the Strike Industries website. Make sure to follow along on social media for more product announcements from Strike Industries. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Stay organized!

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