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The SureFire XSC - 350 Lumens For Your Micro-Compact Handgun Streamlight Upgrades the Stylus Pro USB to 350 Lumens Nightstick Introduces TSM-13G for Compact Sig Sauer Handguns Streamlight brings you the new Stinger 2020 flashlight.

[SHOT 2020] NEW Surefire Lights and 50 Cal Silencers for 2020

Brannon LeBouef of NOLATAC, sat down with #surefire for TFBTV to discuss their new offerings for 2020. Surefire is a leader in illumination devices, and they did not disappoint this year. They started off with single and dual fuel versions of their Scout Pro that has a swinging lever mount that [Read More…]

[SHOT] INFORCE Machined Aluminum Line SureFire Stiletto Pro PL-Pro on Glock 19X NU05MI and CI7