SureFire Fury Scoutlight Now With 600 lumens

    SureFire has released a more powerful Fury Scoutlight. Now it is boasting 600 lumens.

    According to Soldier Systems:

    SureFire has expanded its signature Scout Light Series with the new M600P and M620P Fury Scout WeaponLight models. Both models feature SureFire’s newest high-performance LED, which produces 600 lumens and, thanks to a precision reflector, provides a wider beam with increased surround light, as opposed to the more-focused beam created by the TIR lenses found on most SureFire Scout Lights.

    Is there much a difference between the older 500 lumen Scoutlight and this new Fury Scoutlight? Not much unless you compare the beam pattern. Having a traditional reflector does shape the beam differently than the TIR lens. I noticed, with my Mini Scoutlight and my EB1 light have an extremely tight hotspot. Even though it has something that resembles a corona it is not usable for me. My Fury handheld light is a much more useable beam. Your preference may differ from mine. Since the Scoutlight is designed around E-series light bodies, I would hazard to guess we will be seeing new E-series lights with Fury heads in the future.

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