An AK Overload Of Lumens

    Legion USA imports and sells various accessories for AKs, Veprs, Saigas, etc. I was perusing what they have and found this ridiculous weapon light that looks more at home on an off road vehicle.

    The Kaspiy has four LEDs and a built in laser. The top corners have 45 degree offset rails to add more accessories.


    IMG_8675 IMG_8873

    According to the info, the light produces 1,400 lumens. This seems a bit low for what it could be. If they used XML LEDs then each one could produce 1,000 lumens, making this a 4,000 lumen light. Legion claims it can light up 600 meters, which I highly doubt given how small the reflectors are. You need larger reflectors to throw light down range.

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