NEW Schmidt & Bender 3-18×42 - All-Round Hunting Riflescope

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Schmidt & Bender 3-18×42 – Allround Riflescope For All Hunting

The 3-18×42 is the newest kid on the block from Germany’s Schmidt & Bender. This is a compact and versatile riflescope that combines relevant features to make it a true all-rounder for your next hunt. The Schmidt & Bender 3-18×42 hunting riflescope also introduces Schmidt & Bender’s new “LPI” system, an abbreviation for the German term “Leucht-Parallaxe-Integriert,” translating to “Illumination Parallax Integrated.” This illumination control is seamlessly incorporated into the parallax adjustment, providing an improved mounting solution and facilitating easier use for left-handed individuals.

The brand new LPI (Illumination Parallax Integrated).

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Schmidt & Bender 3-18×42 – The Allrounder for all hunting

The 3-18×42 is the newest development from Schmidt & Bender. This compact, powerful and versatile hunting riflescope combines all relevant features and makes it a true all-rounder. The slim and short aircraft grade aluminum 30 mm tube saves weight and yet is rugged for combining it with night vision devices. Due to the patented optical design it combines a superb image quality with a great field-of-view along with extremely high light transmission. A newly designed BDC II-B represents a sophisticated elevation turret which can be calibrated to the ballistic of your rifle in an easy and flexible way. The 3-18×42 is made by hunters for hunters who seek a most advanced riflescope for utmost hunting success.

LP7 SFP (Second Focal Plane) reticle advantages:
Although a SFP reticle, the design of the LP7 reticle enables range estimation.
The “true magnification” of the 3-18×42 is marked by a visual and tactile pin on the magnification ring at 9x power. You can estimate distances on 9x as well as on 18x zoom as follows.

At 9x zoom:

A roe buck stands at about 100 m if he fits between reticle center and horizontal bar (≙ 70 cm). He stands at about 50 m if he fits between the horizontal bars (≙ 140 cm).

At 18x zoom:
A roe buck stands at about 200 m if he fits between reticle center and horizontal bar (≙ 70 cm). He stands at about 100 m if he fits between the horizontal bars (≙ 140 cm).

42 mm Objective
The lean and slim 42 mm objective makes the 3-18×42 a very handy riflescope. The quick LP7 reticle with illuminated red dot in second focal plane, the generous eye-box and the big field-of-view of 14.5 m/100 m rsp. 43.5 ft/100 yd* provides excellent situational awareness especially when focusing on fast moving game or when stalking. An outstanding light transmission of 92 % guarantees a crystal clear image for great detail recognition which is crucial for identifying game. When darkness falls, the short and rugged design is a perfect fit for rear or front mounted night vision attachments.
LPI (Illumination Parallax Integrated)

The new 3-18×42 hunting riflescope features our innovative “LPI” which stands for the German words “Leucht-Parallaxe-Integriert” and means „Illumination Parallax Integrated“. This new and very easily operable illumination control is integrated into the parallax adjustment and allows a better mounting solution. It also enables a better left handed use. The very compact illumination/parallax adjustment retains the familiar features: on the outer side the smaller and easy to operate illumination knob has 11
functional steps with “off” positions between each step. The bigger knob which is next to the tube operates the very precise side focus/parallax adjustment. It starts at 20 m/22 yd for close distances and goes up to infinity – which is most benefical when using night vision devices. Both knobs are clearly distinguished by size and feel while the engravings of each turret can be read or adjusted while in shooting position – also with gloves.
BDC II-B (Bullet Drop Compensation II-Ballistic)

The BDC II-B allows the operator to easly set-up his own calibrated turret according to the ballistic of the rifle. The BDC II-B turret provides 6 position indicators marked 1–6 which correlate to 100 m/yrds–600 m/yrds. The position indicator can be placed at any position on the turret according to the ballistic coefficient. When using a silencer or interchangeable barrels, the position indicators are easy to adjust to the given environment conditions. Best of all: in the latter case it is also possible to use an interchangeable turret cap which matches the modified ballistic of the rifle. A Mode Lever locks or unlocks the turret. The BDC II-B turret – just like ST II-B (see page 11) – gives the hunter the fastest and most precise turret dialing solution.

BDC II-B (Bullet Drop Compensation II-Ballistic). See the description in the PR above.

Did we forget anything? Yes, how much is it? The new 3-18×42 is available and the MSRP in Germany is MSRP €2,770.

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If you stay tuned, the new S&B 3-18×42 is most likely going to show up in a TFB review during 2024.

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