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After a decade of waiting, I finally had a chance to get hands-on with the B&T BWC. Using the already popular P320 Fire Control Unit (FCU), this design finally makes a new school folding short-barreled rifle a reality. I had the rare opportunity to travel to Switzerland with the TFBtv crew to get hands-on with the BWC and send a few rounds downrange.

B&T @ TFB:



So what does BWC stand for? That answer is as simple and straightforward as they come, “Because We Can”. That doesn’t mean this design is simple, and it does allow for some very cool end-user customization. My first question was “Where would I put a light?” that was quickly answered by “Underneath the carry handle, then mount the dot on a riser at the rear”. It’s almost like they’d thought of this already.

Deployment Lever

The spring-loaded cocking lever also acts as a deployment lever when the BWC is folded for transport. It tucks underneath the front of the charging handle making the design snag-free.


Pushing that deployment lever allows two things to happen. First, the stock drops free and out of the way. Then the hinged pistol grip with magazine follows behind it.

Stock Deployed

A locking plate in the middle of the stock locks the stock into place when the BWC is fully deployed. To collapse the stock, you simply lift it back up on the plate and the stock flips back down.

Hinged Magwell

The hinged pistol grip acts in almost the same way with gravity doing the work for you. To fold the grip back into place, push the button on the back of the pistol grip to unlock the grip and fold it forward.

Fully Deployed

All of this can be done remarkably quick, but there are a few things you have to learn. Magazine geometry won’t allow for the magazine to be fully seated while in transport mode. This means you’ll need to tap and rack after deployment. Additionally, this means you need to slightly remove the magazine before it can be folded for storage.

Carry Handle For Transport and Deployment

The B&T BWC will be sold as an accessory, and B&T expects these to be ready to ship later this year. Only a stock option was shown, meaning those looking to purchase the BWC will need to have a SIG 320 FCU Form 1’ed as an SBR. Internally the BWC will utilize all P320 components minus the polymer frame. So for those interested in a BWC, it might be best to shop for a donor P320 to Form 1 in advance. Certainly not for everyone, we personally can’t wait for the B&T BWC to come to market.

For more information on the B&T BWC check out the TFBtv video below, and thanks for reading!

Austin R
Austin R

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  • Predrag Djuric Predrag Djuric on Aug 30, 2022

    Is this Swiss Card for people who usually travel on a Concorde who do hate the plasticky foldable KelTek?I saw this one in the Total Recal 30 years ago. So it is Back to the Future again. This weapon can be used as a body armor had it been made of the Kevlar. Where is the can opener on this machine? I wonder why the Beretta had not done something like this.