Kalashnikov Concern’s New SV-21 Bolt Action Rifle

    Kalashnikov Concern's New SV-21 Bolt Action Rifle (1)

    Continuing the coverage of new firearms released at the ARMY 2022 exhibition, today we’ll take a look at the new SV-21 bolt action rifle introduced by the Kalashnikov Concern. The SV-21 is offered in 7.62x54mmR and .308 Winchester calibers and its main feature is the quick barrel change system.

    Kalashnikov Concecrn @ TFB:

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    The SV-21 rifle features a machined steel receiver, removable free-floated barrels and removable bolt heads. The 3-lug bolt of the push-feed action has a 60-degree throw, adjustable bolt handle angle, and cocked striker indicator. The bolt release button is integrated into the top Picatinny rail of the receiver. The bolt locks into the barrel extensions that the barrels of SV-21 rifles are fitted with. The company offers 530mm (20.85″), 620mm (24.4″) and 650mm (25.6″) long barrels of different profiles. In order to change the caliber, the user must uninstall the HK-style handguard and barrel nut to change the barrel, and swap the bolt heads.

    The SV-21 rifles are fed from standard SVD/Tiger 10-round detachable box magazines. According to Kalashnikov Concern officials, besides the .308 Win Tiger magazines, 7.62x54R magazines can also be used with the .308 Win cartridge allowing to shoot handloaded .308 Win ammo with longer than standard overall length (probably about 6mm or a quarter of an inch longer, as that’s roughly how much 7.62x54R is longer than .308 Win). The ambidextrous paddle magazine release is located in front of the trigger guard, partially integrated into the latter.

    The SV-21 rifle can be equipped with a fixed or right-side folding stock. The length of pull and cheek rest height are adjustable. The SV-21 is compatible with Remington 700 triggers and AR-15 pistol grips. The overall length of the rifle with a 650mm match profile barrel is 1300mm (51.2″) and it weighs 5.2kg (11lbs 7.5oz).

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    Stay tuned for more news from the ARMY 2022 exhibition.

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