The New AK-19 Compact Carbine

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H

Kalashnikov Concern first introduced the AK-19 rifle, the version of AK-12 chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, during the ARMY 2020 exhibition. Three armies later, at ARMY 2023, the company revealed the shortened AK-19 Compact carbine. This version of the AK-19 was designed for submission to trials of an undisclosed foreign partner. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the new AK-19 Compact carbine.

Kalashnikov Concern @ TFB:

According to Kalashnikov Concern officials, they now classify assault rifles into three sizes: Full-Size, Compact and Subcompact. Basically, the standard-length rifles are Full-Size, Krinkov-size guns are Subcompact, and rifles with barrel lengths in-between the two are Compact size. With a barrel length of 290mm (11.4″), this iteration of the AK-19 falls into the Compact category.

Sergey Urzhumtsev, Head Designer of Kalashnikov Concern, demonstrating the new AK-19 Compact carbine

The new AK-19 Compact inherited most of the upgrades of the 2023 model AK-12 rifles. The safety selector is an ambidextrous thumb lever and what looks like a classic AK safety lever is just a dust cover for the charging handle slot. They retired the two-round burst firing mode. The rate of fire in full-auto is 700 rounds per minute. The receiver top cover is attached to the rifle via a captive cross pin instead of a rotating lever. The rear drum-style aperture sight is adjustable to up to 400 meters. The handguard is of the new improved and beefed-up pattern with an additional attachment point for the gas tube cover.

AK-19 Compact (1)

Some of the differences of the AK-19 Compact from the latest Model 2023 AK-12 rifle are the lack of a cheek riser on the stock of the AK-19 Compact and the different muzzle device design. The AK-19 Compact muzzle device is a three-prong flash hider that has a QD suppressor mount and is compatible with bayonets. The overall length of the AK-19 Compact carbine is 740mm (29″) and 800mm (31.5″) with the telescoping stock fully collapsed and extended. The length with a folded stock is 560mm (22″). The overall weight (without a sling, magazine and bayonet) is 3.3 kg (7lbs 4.4oz).

Pictures from Kalashnikov Media,

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  • Swx Swx on Sep 01, 2023

    Looks like a sheet metal Galil

  • Matthew Parrot Matthew Parrot on Sep 01, 2023

    considering these were designed for nato cluntries i dont understand why they didnt use a STANAG magaell, they already ahd adecdnt looking one for that one cl.p gun

    maybe this is somehow less expensive? or they wanted to make bank on proprietary mags

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    • Int19h Int19h on Sep 09, 2023

      @LCON My point is that it requires the adaptor, yes, but why would the adaptor require changes to the receiver? If the mag opening is wide enough - and it is on the 7.62 receiver - you can just bolt it on, just like Zastava and PSA do on theirs.

      And I dunno, it may not be many, but it seems to be enough for IWI to continue making a 5.56 Galil, in two versions even. Seems to be popular enough in South America, and lately also in Africa. I'd assume that Kalashnikov is trying to compete there.