AKV-721 & AK-308: New .308 Win Rifles by Kalashnikov Concern

    AKV-721 & AK-308 Kalashnicov Concern's New 308 AKs (111)

    During the ARMY 2022 exhibition, Kalashnikov Concern unveiled a number of new firearms, both for the military/LE and civilian markets. Among the new guns are two rifles chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester – the AKV-721 and AK-308. Let’s take a look at each of these new firearms.

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    AKV-721 & AK-308 Kalashnicov Concern's New 308 AKs (2)

    AKV-721 is the bigger version of Kalashnikov Concern’s AKV-521 rifle. Although they use a lot of AK parts, what sets the AKV series of rifles apart from regular AKs is the receiver layout – the AKV rifles have upper and lower receivers. Like in the ARs, such receiver design allows having a rigid top optics rail and changing calibers and configurations in a matter of swapping the uppers. Compared to the intermediate-caliber AKV-521 which has a stamped steel upper receiver, the AKV-721 has a milled upper. The AKV-721 also features an ambidextrous safety selector lever and charging handle. The barrel length is 415mm (16.35″).

    AKV-721 & AK-308 Kalashnicov Concern's New 308 AKs (1)

    The AKV series of rifles are designed by Valentin Vlasenko, the Director of Civilian Firearms R&D at Kalashnikov Group and the owner of Sureshot Armament Group. Vlasenko is what V stands for in the model names.


    AKV-721 & AK-308 Kalashnicov Concern's New 308 AKs (4)

    Kalashnikov Concern has first introduced the prototype of the AK-308 back in 2018 and they currently sell its civilian version called Saiga-308. At ARMY 2022, they revealed the latest iteration of the AK-308 which now has features borrowed from AK-12 rifles – the furniture, magazine design, top rail, pistol grip/trigger guard/mag release unit, etc.

    AKV-721 & AK-308 Kalashnicov Concern's New 308 AKs (3)

    Design and operation-wise, the AK-308 is basically a standard AK. It is a gas-operated select-fire rifle with a rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute in full-auto mode. The rifle has a chrome-lined 415mm (16.35″) barrel equipped with a flash hider and populated with a combination gas block / front sight block and a bayonet lug. The overall length with the stock fully collapsed and extended is 885mm – 945mm (34.85″ – 37.2″) and the length with the folded stock is 695mm (27.35″). The AK-308 rifle weighs in at 4.3 kilograms (9.5lbs).

    During this week, we’ll take a look at the most interesting new Kalashnikov Concern firearms as well as guns released by other companies exhibiting at ARMY 2022. Stay tuned!

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