New HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells Announced by Federal Premium

    New HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells Announced by Federal Premium

    Officially announced at the 2022 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits and set to be made available online and in stores soon is the new Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth 20-gauge and 12-gauge shotgun loads. HEVI shot loads have started to become extremely popular with dedicated waterfowl hunters and this new HEVI-Bismuth load will give hunters a new industry-leading pellet composition to help fill their tags and at the same time, reduce lead exposure.

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    New HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells Announced by Federal Premium

    New HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells Announced by Federal Premium

    HEVI-Bismuth will be a great addition to the already wide range of shotshell products Federal offers,” continued Compton. “With bismuth also being safe to use in classic shotguns, hunters can take their favorite heirloom shotgun back into the field to hunt upland and waterfowl without worrying about damaging their barrels.

    • At 9.6 g/cc, HEVI-Bismuth pellets are 22 percent denser than steel for more downrange energy
    • Higher pellet counts than comparably performing steel
    • Softer than steel and tungsten
    • Rear-deploying FLITECONTROL FLEX wad creates more consistent, efficient patterns
    • Safe and effective for use in both classic and modern shotguns
    • Pellets are alloyed and cast in the USA

    New HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells Announced by Federal Premium

    HEVI-Bismuth will be available in three 20-gauge shotgun shell loadings and six 12-gauge variants to suit the various needs and preferences of waterfowl hunters. All varieties of Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth shotshells will feature nonlead Bismuth pellets with a payload density of 9.6g/cc which is 22% greater than comparable steel loads. In addition, all loads will also feature Federal’s rear-deploying FLITECONTROL FLEX wad for tighter shot patterns and improved downrange performance.

    Whether your quarry is pheasant, goose or duck, Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth should start showing up on shelves well in advance of hunting season so that you can properly pattern, practice, and tune your shotgun with these new heavy-hitting loads. Let us know what you think of these new Federal loads. Is this something you think would help you fill your waterfowl tags with more efficiency?

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