Federal Ammunition Introduces the New 30 Super Carry Cartridge

    Federal Ammunition Introduces the New 30 Super Carry

    It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a new handgun caliber hit the market but Federal is sprinting out of the gate of 2022 with their new 30 Super Carry cartridge. The new ammunition is intended by the Federal to be used as a superior concealed carry option that offers reloadable brass, greater magazine capacity than 9mm, the same muzzle energy as 9mm but with much better ballistics than 380 Auto.  Pricewise, 30 Super Carry looks to be about the same price or perhaps just slightly more expensive than comparable 115-grain 9mm ammunition.

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    Federal Ammunition Introduces the New 30 Super Carry Cartridge

    Federal Ammunition Introduces the New 30 Super Carry Cartridge

    • Created Specifically for CCW
    • Smaller diameter facilitates more capacity
    • Allows a much smaller gun frame for easier carry and enhanced concealability
    • Ballistics equivalent to 9mm Luger
    • Launching at SHOT Show 2022
    • MSRP: Starting at @30.99 for 50 round boxes of target ammo and $26.99 for 20-round boxes of Defense ammo

    In Federal Ammunition’s presentation on the new 30 Super Carry cartridge, they stated that their goal is to provide 30 Super Carry to customers at or around the same pricing as 380 Auto wherever possible. Doing this will reflect its top performance along with its familiar price range to other popular CCW cartridges, according to Federal. Among the ammunition lines that will have 30 Super Carry added to their lineup are Blazer Brass, American Eagle, UMC, HTP, Gold Dot, and the ever-popular Federal HST lineup.

    Federal Ammunition Introduces the New 30 Super Carry Cartridge

    Many of you will be curious about what firearms will be compatible with it and what firearms might be coming out down the pipeline to accommodate the new cartridge. First off, the Super Carry will be available from Nighthawk Custom with their GRP 1911 style pistol and will feature a magazine capacity of 12 rounds. The Nighthawk Custom President will also feature 12-rounds of capacity for the new cartridge.

    Smith & Wesson is also offering their Shield Plus in 30 Super Carry and they will also have the popular M&P Shield EZ chambered for the round as well (M&P 30 Shield EZ). Each of these offerings grants the user an additional 2 rounds of capacity over their 9mm counterparts and as stated previously, will still offer similar ballistics to 9mm Luger.

    Federal Ammunition Introduces the New 30 Super Carry Cartridge

    On the reloading side, RCBS will be the first company to offer reloading dies for the new cartridge and other accessory companies including Blackhawk, Uncle Mike’s, and Hoppe’s will be offering various accessories like holsters and specialized cleaning kits. More design work is apparently underway with various firearms and accessories companies to accommodate for the new cartridge.

    Federal Ammunition also states that 30 Super Carry will have a similar perceived recoil impulse to 9mm, have a similar muzzle flash to 9mm, feature a slightly faster report, and less volume than 9mm, and also have the same reliable accuracy as other Federal 9mm loadings, all while being fast cycling, and fun to shoot. So what are your thoughts on this new offering from Federal? Let us know down in the comments!

    Federal Ammunition Introduces the New 30 Super Carry Cartridge

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