Over the years TFB’s POTD has gathered thousands of interesting images from around the world. If you’re interested in a special subject, you can use our search function. For instance, if you’re looking for photos of snipers just check here. Certain military units can also be searched and found, as well as countries: the Green Berets can be found here and the U.S. Marines here. If you’re obsessed with the Kriss Vector there are loads of images here. Today we have a photo from one of the Top Posts from the 10th Special Forces Group – Airborne. Can you guess what kind of firearms they’re going over the beach with?

    Coming in at #3 is representative of the Tip of the Spear role that SOF often embraces.

    Teaming with NORTHCOM and NORAD two teams of divers transitioned from annual dive requalification in the warm waters of Florida to the icy depths of the Bearing Strait a week later.

    Green Berets are ready to demonstrate to our partner nations and adversaries alike that SOF is versatile, flexible and capable to deter threats wherever they emerge.

    Photo Source: 10th Special Forces Group – Airborne