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Maritime Raid Force POTD: Special Forces Group & United Kingdom Royal Marines in CQB POTD: U.S. Marines with the 12.7×108mm NSV Machine Gun US Marines Gotland U.S. Marines in Afghanistan Indonesian National Armed Forces Brazilian Ecuadorian Marines Heckler & Koch G36C Next-Generation Handheld Targeting System Koolendong 22 Firearms from Republic of Korea Submarine Santa Fe Winter Deployment 2022 Exercise Cold Response 2022 Mission Readiness Exercise POTD: Dutch Marines in Caribbean Urban Warrior POTD: U.S. Marines in Japan - FARP M27 HK416A5 POTD: Marines, Soldiers and Airmen in Joint Terminal Attack Controllers Royal Marines with Heckler & Koch G36 royal marines commandoes MV-22B Osprey SPY Exercise Archipelago Endeavor POTD: Russian Marines in an Amphibious Landing Operation M38 Sweden BALTOPS jet suit gravity industries U.S. Marines in Fuji Viper