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POTD: Greek Snipers at 2021 Best Sniper Team Competition POTD: Latvian Snipers with the Heckler & Koch HK417 POTD: Lithuanian Snipers at 2021 Best Sniper Team Competition MSG90A1 G22A2 FR-F2 Polish Snipers in PRS Inspired Competition Heckler & Koch HK417P Royal marine sniper

POTD: Austrian Snipers

Nothing to do? Each day you are welcome to TFB’s selection of photo highlights. Today we start off with a through-the-reticle photograph. Snipers need good eyesight and a steady hand. You rarely see it, but a sniper needs a lot of patience, self-sufficiency, inner [Read More…]

POTD: Snipers in Kaliningrad

Today’s Photo is from the shores of Kaliningrad, a city in the administrative centre of Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. Check out the location on the map, it’s a bit odd piece of land. We’re looking [Read More…]

HK417P Sniper Austria