POTD: The Norinco Type 56-2

    norinco type 56-2

    In today’s Photo Of The Daywe’re taking a look at another piece of history photographed by cinematicarms. This is the Norinco Type 56-2 rifle chambered in 7.62×39mm.


    A fairly uncommon Norinco Type 56-2 from the all too brief glory days of Chinese AKs in the late 80s. Love the classic red bakelite furniture on this one. Thanks again to @bernieconatser762 for letting me shoot his collection.

    Below you can find the details of the Type 56-2 in three pictures. The side-folding stock and the dark orange bakelite furniture remind me mostly of the Sa vz. 58, although there are probably more dissimilarities than similarities.

    It is said that the the bakelite on the stock houses a cleaning kit (source). Space seems to be quite limited, so it would be interesting to see details of it.

    As a collector, would you prefer this Norinco or the Colt SP-1 we presented a few days ago?
    Did you ever try either?

    Photo and caption credits: Francis Torres @cinematicarms on Instagram. Used with kind permission.