TFB Review: Savior Equipment – Specialist Long Range Precision Rifle Bag

    Savior Equipment – Specialist Long Range Precision Rifle Bag

    Savior Equipment – 55" Specialist Long Range Precision Rifle Bag

    After the new Specialist Long Range Precision Rifle Bag from Savior Equipment was released this spring I got the opportunity to try it out. I’ve now had it for about three months and it’s time to look at how it performs.

    First impressions

    For the record, this is the Specialist 55″ – LRP Rifle Case (140 cm). There is also a shorter 51″ version, and both are available in either black or dark tan. This is what the Savior Equipment Specialist Long Range Precision Rifle Bag looked like when it arrived in the spring. As soon as it arrived I unboxed it and took some instant photos with my iPhone.

    And the inside. It may double as a sleeping bag for one of your kids.

    Savior equiptment

    With a fully extended 22″ JP Rifles AR-10 inside, there’s still plenty of room. Just look how long the bag is! The rifle is painted in Magpul Dark Earth for reference against the “dark tan”.  Note the inside pockets on the top cover.

    After a while, I noticed that this bag holds more firearms and stuff than you can carry. Period. I appreciate the fact than I can put a PRS (Precision Rifle Series) or any of my rifles/systems in this bag – with a suppressor and any extension I can think of – and still have room left. Trust me, I’ve challenged it and it’s probably a little too big for my (current) needs.

    You need a bigger space

    The drawback is that you need a bigger vehicle for transportation, just for the bag. My Audi A6 Avant is considered to be a fairly large barge, at least in Europe. To make this rifle bag fit you need to squeeze it in 45 degrees, and still hope for the best and run for cover as the trunk closes. I think I may need an American Truck (with a V8) to make this bag fit, and that may not be a bad thing…just don’t expect your VW Polo rental to welcome this bag, except perhaps on the rack on the roof. I wish I lived in Texas.

    The rear of an Audi A6 Avant, courtesy of Audi AG. They need to make it bigger to fit my rifle bag.

    A friend of mine is a “tactical tailor” in his spare time, so I let him examine the bag and encouraged him to tear it apart to find any weaknesses. I was quiet and curious, looking the other way. After a few minutes, he said he was very impressed, and pointed out detail after detail to me.

    Below: You won’t tear these parts apart easily. Double-stitched seams, sternum straps, seatbelt webbing straps, woven cinch straps, ripstop exterior, 600D exterior and interior shell. The zippers are YKK lockable.

    Below: Some of the manufacturer’s notes as you open the bag for the first time. The honeycomb pattern looks really nice on the tan version, just like I had hoped.

    Savior Equipment long range bag

    I like collecting patches and from time-to-time displaying them, so on my plus side are these strips of velcro along the outside of the bag (Morale Patch Panel). And if someone steals this image (happens all the time) everyone will know where it came from. If you’re trying to become the Gray Man on the street, the black-on-black version may be more to your liking.

    The black logo on a “golden” tan is not so discrete, but I asked for the tan version as I wanted the details to stand out for display. It worked.

    To make fun out of how big this bag is, I put SBRs of various lengths and combinations in all of its outside pockets. The best use is probably for a tripod and a spotting scope.

    One or two really long rifles and two SBRs – no problem.

    The bigger outside pocket holds a 300 BLK  7″ or larger, suppressed if needed. And a knife or two. Note all the attachment points.

    The smaller outside pockets hold a pistol or three, or an SBRed B&T APC-9. Yes, this one is a PRO and takes Glock magazines.

    With your Specialist bag you will get a scope guard and other movable soft pockets, to be used if needed. I didn’t spot any shortcuts on the quality of these parts either, more the opposite actually. They come free with the bag.

    Here are a few other configurations we tried out.

    Below: AR-15, PRS-style with Leupold spotting scope and tripod.

    A Leupold Spotting scope on a tripod will fit, too. If this is the first time you see Uniqball, check them out here.

    Below: Suppressed Accuracy International AI-AW with Schmidt & Bender 5-25 PMII, PSG-90B sniping rifle improved. In reality, you would keep the rifle inside the bag, and the spotting scope in the outside pocket.

    Below: Forget the AI AW for a while, look at the quality of the pockets and zippers.

    Below: With the help of a bean bag, the product doubles as a bipod if you forget yours.

    Below: Your Suppressed Blaser in 6.5 Mauser will fit. Note the carbon fiber bipod from Tier One Evolution and the Cole-Tac cover.

    Plenty of space and attachment points for this and that.

    Specialist 55″ – LRP Rifle Case – Product Details

    Size & Dimensions

    • External Size – 56” L x 13.5” H x 7” W
    • Internal Size – 55” L x 12.5” H
    • Spotting Scope Pocket Size – 20” L x 11” H x 3.5” W
      Pistol Sleeve Size – 15.5” L x 11” H
    • Tripod Pocket Size – 32” L x 11” H x 3.5” W
    • Large Zippered Pocket Size – 24” L x 12” H
    • Mesh Zippered Pocket Size – 15” L x 12” H
    • Full Scope Cover – 20” L x 15” H
    • Muzzle Holder – 3” L x 4.5” H
    • MOLLE Pouch – 3.5” L x 8” H
    • Cleaning Rod Sleeve – 46” L

    Technical Specifications

    • 600D Exterior & Interior Shell
    • Ripstop Exterior
    • Duraflex® UTX Side Release Buckles
    • YKK® Lockable Zippers
    • Seatbelt Webbing Straps
    • MOLLE Compatible Webbing
    • Woven Cinch Straps
    • Sternum Strap
    • Double-Stitched Seams
    • Morale Patch Panel
    • Hook & Loop Fasteners

    Product code reviewed: SYSAVIOR-RB-SG55-LRP-WS-TN

    The bag is imported and the tag inside says Made in Taiwan.

    Below: Obvious drawback – it’s heavy from the start! 6 kilograms is 13+ pounds (6,070 grams), before you load it with anything. Luckily you can carry it on your back, in your hands or over the shoulder. There are hideable padded backpack straps and an adjustable shoulder strap.

    Below: One of the few issues I found with the Specialist Long Range Precision Rifle Bag, and it took me some time to discover. Because the 360° of Heavy Padding is so thick and stiff, you may find it difficult to get the material around the corners to close it.

    Price: It’s not often I say that a product is well worth the money, but here’s an exception. $199.99 seems to me as good value for a quality product like this. To compare, their 42″ Urban Warfare case has a starting price tag of only $68.99. In terms of the warranty, Savior Equipment offers a generous Lifetime Warranty.


    One of the reasons why this review took longer than planned was because I was trying to find issues and problems with the bag. I couldn’t really find anything major to complain about. I had to dig deeper and use it more, but apart from the few things mentioned above, there’s nothing to worry about. There are possible improvements to any product, some just have more others less.

    Things to note – on every occasion I took the Savior bag to the range or a club competition (in lack of larger ones), I had very positive feedback or comments from people that wanted to check it out. That’s a bad thing if you’re trying to get to the range unnoticed, but of course, flattering once you get there. Savior seemed like a popular brand.

    The bag lays flat once it’s opened unless, of course, you have some bulky stuff inside the pockets. You could use it as a shooting mat, although that is not its intended use.

    This bag is a little bit too big for my needs, certainly if I need to travel by airplane and get it inside a hard case, but it’s still a keeper. I am NOT sending it back! In fact, I will probably also replace my now 10-year-old 42″ rifle bag from another maker with one from Savior.

    You can find Savior Equipment’s homepage here:

    Make sure you also check Austin R‘s review of other Rifle Cases from Savior Equipment, they may fit your needs and budget better.

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