YOU BUILD IT: SIG Sauer Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit Collaboration

YOU BUILD IT: SIG Sauer Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit

Most firearm customization used to require serious gunsmithing skills, time and money. Lots of money. A bare-bones 1911 owner looking for a series of performance enhancements could drop thousands of dollars and wait six months or more for a gunsmith to work through their books. With the development of the modular P320 Fire Control Unit, SIG Sauer has shifted the ability to customize handguns from the hands of craftsmen over to everyday users with plug-and-play parts that can transform a carry gun into a competition gun in about five minutes. Up until now, shooters would have to buy a base model and then a bunch of customized parts to build a specific gun. Now the P320 FCU is being offered as a stand-alone firearm and the doors are open to á la carte gun building.

SIG Sauer Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit

SIG announced the Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit launch at an event hosted by the SIG Sauer Academy, inviting the initial fourteen firearm and parts manufacturers that debuted the custom builds. Soon consumers will be able to buy a Custom Works FCU from a dealer, register online and mix and match custom parts to build their ideal gun. The system will alert builders of incompatible part combinations and additional requirements for certain competition guns.

The nearly open-source FCU concept provides companies with critical specifications like slide weights to ensure proper functioning, while still allowing for customization.

SIG Sauer Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit

As easy as the custom P320 FCU build process is, mechanically challenged owners will eventually be able to send in their FCU and let the experts at SIG build their gun in about a week. This service should be available within the next few months.

YOU BUILD IT: SIG Sauer Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – Springer Precision

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – Parker Mountain Machine

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – GrayGuns

SIG Custom Works – P320 Fire Control Unit

The P320 Fire Control Unit is not only the soul of this SIG pistol, it is the actual serial numbered and controlled firearm. Meaning that once you purchase the FCU, all of the other parts like grips, slides and barrels can be purchased separately and shipped to your door. The SIG Custom Works PP320 FCU is finished in Titanium Nitride (TiN) and is equipped with SIG’s flat blade match trigger.

The Fire Control Unit (FCU) is the actual P320 firearm. Everything else is just parts.

The new P320 Custom Works Fire Control Unit (FCU) will forever alter the world of personalized, customized firearms. As part of this transformation SIG SAUER is bringing together the best the industry has to offer in aftermarket P320 performance parts and accessories to create a community of collaborators and creators to form The P320: Collective.

Icarus Precision is building custom aluminum P320 grip modules, seen below with a Grey Ghost Precision slide.

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – Icarus Precision/Grey Ghost Precision

L2D Combat is using laser marking to create unique grip patterns.

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – L2D Combat

While some manufacturers are building just slides or just frames, others are making compete gun kits – just drop in a P3200 FCU.

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – Rival Arms

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – L2D Combat

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – EFK Fire Dragon

The grip made by MIRZON was extremely comfortable, with a backstrap that curves down over the web of the hand.

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – MIRZON, Faxon Firearms, NORSSO

Fire Control Unit Collaboration – Wilson Combat

Using the modularity of the FCU to its fullest, the customization possibilities are almost endless. Also, the P320’s petite younger sibling, the P365, uses a similar drop-in FCU design, opening the door for similar collaborative projects in the future.

Specific pricing and other details for the SIG Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit program will be available soon at – I’ll update the story with other details as soon as they are made public.

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