T.Rex Arms Reintroduces Raptor Concealed Holster

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

T.Rex Arms has reintroduced the Raptor holster, but now with some upgrades. The original model was discontinued in 2021. This new version is a simple, small-footprint holster that works for appendix or strong-side carry.

Holsters @ TFB:

The Raptor holster is available for a variety of common carry pistols including Glock, Smith & Wesson, and SIG Sauer. Options are also available for common weapon lights like the TLR-1 and X-300. And yes, lefties, there is a version for you too. Prices start at $80 and go up for special colors or attachments. It is available for order now with a lead time of 1-5 days.

From the manufacturer:

The Raptor is a simple, versatile inside-the-waistband holster. It features built-in cant and tuck for increased concealability, a stable two-clip design with optional DCC Monoblock compatibility, and a lower base price than the more modular Sidecar. If you are looking for a comfortable, low-profile, durable holster to carry at 4 o’clock or appendix, the Raptor is a solid choice.

We offered the Raptor as a holster from 2015 through 2021, when we retired it from our product offerings with the introduction of the Raptor Wing Attachment for the updated Sidecar. This attachment allows the Sidecar to be run in the 4 o’clock position and function similarly to the Raptor. But it was not exactly the same. The Raptor’s footprint is smaller than the Sidecar, which can make all the difference depending on your priorities and needs. We are pleased to offer the Raptor again, now with the superior engineering and manufacturing we’ve honed over the last 3 years backing it up.

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Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Aerodawg Aerodawg on May 03, 2024

    I am down with this with the backer all day every day. Was thinking about cobbling together my own version out of pieces when they announced this.

  • B Snappy B Snappy on May 05, 2024

    I’ve been running a Sidecar for an MR920 w/ light as a daily for over a year now and really like it. In certain situations the spare magazine can be a pain in the aaaaaaabdomen (what did you think I was gonna say?!? LOL!) so I’m excited to try the Raptor in those situations where necessary. T-Rex Arms makes a very good quality product. I don’t hesitate to buy their offerings.