[SHOT 2020] – Trijicon's New Optics and Ventus System

Matt E
by Matt E

Trijicon has came out strong at Shot Show with a number of new scopes along with the Ventus system. They’ve came out with a number of new scopes and reticle options for various needs. Starting out with their new Huron line, Trijicon offers 4 new Huron models ranging from 1-4×24 to 3-12×40. They all will be second focal plane with capped adjustment knobs and BDC hunter style holds. The glass clarity on the Huron models were very crisp with great clarity. MSRP on the Huron line ranges from $649.99 to 699.99.

Credo Optics

Trijicon has released their Credo line of tactical optics at Shot show with a ton of options. The Credo line will have everything from 1-4×24 illuminated optics to 4-16×50 long-range options. The majority of the Credos will be first focal plane with either capped adjustments or manual turrets depending on the specifications and model of the scope. Price options for these will start at $799 for the 3-9×40 and go up depending on the optic and reticle of your choice.

Tenmile Long Range Options

Trijicon also had a number of their Tenmile long-range optics on the show floor. Trijicon wanted to offer a wide variety of precision long-distance scope options for precision shooters. The Tenmile optics will be offered in either 30mm tubes or 34mm tubes depending on the overall size and variable power of the scope. Almost all of the larger variable power Tenmile options will have the 34mm option but a few of the lower variable power optics in this line will still have the 30mm tubes. Prices will be dependent on the optic but Price ranges from $1,399-2,700.

Ventus Range Finder

Probably one of the most interesting products of the show was the Trijicon Ventus. The Ventus is essentially a range finder but its party piece is the ability to be the first-ever wind mapping device for the shooting community. What makes the Ventus so interesting is the ability to read almost every kind of wind whether its crosswinds, tailwinds, headwinds or vertical winds. It does six at six different positions in front of the user, even under less than perfect weather conditions. The Ventus is the first type of wind mapping on the market and can read three-dimensional winds up to 500 yards away. It can also serve as a regular long-distance range finder for distances up to 5,000 yards.

MRO HD System with 3X Magnifier

Yesterday Trijicon announced the release of a new MRO optic called the MRO HD. This optic has the ability to switch from either a single dot or a full reticle that’s similar to something like an EOTech reticle. Trijicon is also offering a new 3x Magnifier to go along with their new optic which is the first time Trijicon has ever sold an optic and magnifier combo package. Prices will be $920-1,428 depending on the mount and package you go with. Let us know what you think of all the new Trijicon Releases in the comments below. Trijicon came out with over 120 new SKUs which adds a lot to their current line of products. Stay tuned for more Shot Show coverage over the coming days.

Matt E
Matt E

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  • Jim bob Jim bob on Jan 23, 2020

    I am intrigued by the Magnifier.

    Speaking of magnifiers, what ever happened to the Leupold Red Dot/Mag combo? That thing seemed awesome..

  • Int19h Int19h on Jan 23, 2020

    Why not make it a BDC reticle if they specifically designed it to be paired with a magnifier?