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Eric B
by Eric B

The annual Sniper Competition in Finland is organized by Ostrobothnia Sniper Association – PohTA.

Last year we covered Finnsniper with some very nice photos, like here for instance, as well as a video of 50 Sniper Rifles open fire simultaneously at one target.

This year we have almost 30 pictures of the gear and sniper rifles used, all thanks to Finnaccuracy and Pohjanmaan tarkka-ampujat.

According to “rumors” most competitors here are reloaders, and Lapua cases and Scenar bullets are very typical in all calibers.

The new Victrix “Rome” bipod. Notice the “green” extras on what looks like a very well-built bipod.

Victrix Gadius (I think) with Kahles K624i using the MSR reticle.

The Tikka TAC A1 + Steiner M5Xi 5-25 MSR. Amazing how the rifle blends in.

Tikka TAC A1 team. They are using TRG, TAC A1 and an AR15. The team was second overall.

– Sako TRG42 338 Lapua with Steiner M5Xi 5-25 MSR and Spuhr SP-4902.
– Tikka TAC A1 6.5CM with Steiner M5Xi MSR and Spuhr SP-4902
– AR15 with Schmidt&Bender PMII 3-20 MSR and Spuhr SP-4902

Range officer rifles are Tikkas with GRS stocks. 2x Schmidt&Bender PMII 5-25 MSR with Spuhr SP-4901 mounts.

Accuracy International – AI AW with a Hensoldt 4-16.

On of the teams is resting between stages.

Sako TRG M10, “Col. Douglas Mortimer”. Around five teams were using the Sako TRG M10.

“Hello”. This is a DTA in 338 LM.

Tikka TAC A1

Sako TRG 22 A1.

This team is so well disguised, so not sure what’s going on.

There were First Aid for wounded + air lift coordinates to rescue included in the competition.

A Tikka TAC A1 with S&B 5-25 MSR, Spuhr mount in 260 Rem.

Vectronix Terrapin X, Swarovski STX 95mm, camera adapter. Phone for ballistic apps and Vectronix remote app. That’s a pretty nice shooting range.

Swarovski BTX and STR-80.

Team Italy. Victrix and new Rome bipod. Kahles k624i with MSR-K reticle.

Stage 9 had the closest targets at 600 m and the furthest at 1 202 meters. 10 targets, smallest numbers closest. Targets 7-10 1000 m or further. All distances unknown to competitors – with no lasers allowed.

Each team will engage all target on their own turn. Shooting rotates though all teams. Range officers move and instruct to shoot right target on right time.

Can you spot the targets?

Below: 1202 m according to Terrapin X. 120x magnification with Swarovski STX 95mm. The bullet holes easily visible even through mirage. This is a freehand picture with mobile phone = less details than looking trough with bare eye.

New and old Sako – AND – notice the matching ammo boxes. Sako TRG M10 vs Sako M28-30.

The old Sako hammering plates side by side with the latest and best sniper rifles. This shooting was not part of competition.

Just as you thought this competition was all about Beretta-owned firearms.
Notice the long and short Heckler & Koch HK417 / MR308, as well as a Sako TRG M10 in 338 Lapua. This team has close/mid/long ranges pretty much well covered.
(Yes, we’ll get back with more details on the HKs later.)
It was a competition – so who won?
Check out the picture of the Podium below.
The winning team is on the left, Finnish guys. 2:nd in the middle, the Tikka TAC A1 Team from Finland as well. Team Switzerland 3:rd on right.

Thanks to Finnaccuracy for letting us use their photos.

Eric B
Eric B

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