Video: 50 Sniper Rifles open fire simultaneously at one target

    Have you ever wondered what it looks and sounds like when over 50 precision rifles open fire at a single target at the same time?

    In Finland they just tried this, and the video is now available for us to see.

    In less than half a second there are around 40 impacts on and around the poor target, with stray bullets after this period.

    The target is around 560 meters (610 yards) away. Unfortunately it’s a reactive target so it disappears after the first hit(s).

    Below: Some of the competitors and their invisible gear at Finnsniper 2017. And some trees.

    All pictures courtesy of Finnaccuracy and thanks to them we get answers to some of our strange questions.

    The location was the army shooting area at Lohtaja, Finland.

    Finnsniper has been called the “ultimate sniper competition worldwide” by more than a few.

    .338 Lapua was the most common bolt action caliber used at Finnsniper 2017.In semi-auto it was most likely 7,62×51 mm.

    Both 1:st and 2:nd team in overall results had 338 Lapua bolt actions.

    Try Full screen and high volume for best effect.

    It would be interesting to know how much energy and how much lead that goes into the target?

    Not to mention the value of all the gear used to send those bullets down range?

    If we pretend they were all shooting 7,62×51 mm and 150 grain bullets, then there’s 7500 grains or almost 0,5 kg on the target in the flash of a second.

    Read more at Finnaccuracy’s homepage:

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