POTD: Finnsniper 2017

    From The Land of the Midnight Sun comes these nice pictures, posted by Sako Finland from FINNSNIPER 2017.

    Go ahead and try to spot the sniper rifles, optics and equipment if you like. The SAKO TRG M10 and the Tikka T3x TAC A1 are in there anyway.


    We will go back to the feelings of FINNSNIPER 2017. The final pair with the team has been kept and the calculations have been made. The most important thing was that the TAC A1 team achieved the second best score in shooting.

    The TAC A1 caliber 6,5 Creedmoor looked like the real challenger of the big caliber. Combined with Steiner’s M5Xi 5-25X56 MRS, well-anticipated trips and accurate shots were achieved up to 1200 meters in hard sidewalks.

    I guess the semi-auto to the far right is some kind of Valmet. Both bolt-action rifles run Spuhr mounts on the Picatinny.

    The winning team was using MSR reticles in their scopes. In the 2016 Finnaccuracy competition all top three teams were using MSR reticles.