POTD: Savage Teases .224 Valkyrie AR15 Upper

    Savage Arms knows how to troll a salivating crowd. Last week they popped a picture on Instagram with Valkyrie imprinted on the handguard. Over the past month, dribbles of information on the new round have come from a select few sources. But from all the smart people I have talked with, the hype is real.

    Federal did something unique while designing and testing their new round. By getting ammo and specifications into the hands of talented builders, they received real world feedback during development and could adapt accordingly.

    At any rate, it seems as if Savage will be one of the first in line to produce an AR15 rifle/upper receiver chambered in .224 Valkyrie. But, we will all have to wait a few weeks for more information.

    TFB Coverage of the New .224 Valkyrie from Federal:

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