Airborne Arms HERJA – 1300 yard supersonic AR-15 cartridge .224 Valkyrie

    If I had a Dollar every time someone asked how far you can “reach out” with a .223 Remington…

    With the Airborne Arms HERJA AR-15 in .224 Valkyrie there’s no need to ask that question.

    According to the manufacturer it’s the the worlds first 1300 yard supersonic AR-15 cartridge. If you like you can read more about the caliber in Nathaniel’s TFB article.

    The tests were conducted using the .224 Valkyrie 90 gr SMK in a 24″ barrel.

    The name Airborne Arms comes by the fact that the company was started by a Combat Veteran and Airborne Infantryman who served and deployed with the 1/509th Airborne Infantry.

    Unfortunately all we got at the moment are computer generated images. It would have been nice(?) to see the 24k gold plating in reality and in pictures. I wonder if they really are going to keep the gold plating on the barrel?

    Here are some more facts and specifications of the rifle.

    The ultimate rifle for the ultimate long range caliber in it’s class.

    Airborne Arms LLC is proud to announce their newest firearms platform in the all new .224 Valkyrie Caliber Round.  The newly announced .224 Valkyrie 90 gr round manages to maintain supersonic speed at 1300 yds with 350 inches of drop at 1000 yds in ballistics testing beating the longtime champion of long range the 6.5 Creedmore in both categories.

    This performance is amazingly achieved in a round that can be shot through the smaller framed AAM4 platform resulting in less recoil and a more reliable and lightweight platform.  As if this wasn’t enough good news for long range enthusiasts, the round is also backed by Federal Ammunition – meaning match grade ammunition will be both available and affordable.

    HERJA From Airborne Arms features:

    • Introducing “The Hive” 17″ M-LoK free floating Ultra-light Handguard from AALLC
    • Introducing the all new X4 Muzzle Brake from AALLC
    • HERJA debutes the latest trigger bow for the Geronimo Trigger System coated in beautiful 24k Gold
    • 20″ AALLC Stainless Steel Barrel in .224 Valkyrie – 1:7 twist rate and a golden PVD titanium Finish
    • AALLC Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group – .224 Valkyrie
    • Adjustable Clamp style gas block
    • JP Silent Capture Spring
    • Skeloton Adjustable Stock System by Modular Driven Technologies
    • AALLC Wire EDM lower receiver
    • Ambidextrous Charging Handle with gold accents
    • Gold titanium coated Gas Tube, Castle Nut, Dust Cover, Safety selector, Bolt catch
    • 24k plated forward assist and lightweight take-down pins
    The stock reminds me of a deluxe version of an ACE ARFX. Note that there is no cheek raiser, which could be a nice feature on a long range rifle. Unfortunately, with the AR15 platform, it often collides with the movements of the charging handle.

    One thing I would have liked to know is also what kind of groupings you could expect at various distances. The fact that a round is supersonic at a certain distance from the barell doesn’t really help if you keep missing your target.

    I’m not an expert in American pronunciation, but according to Airborn Arms you’re supposed to pronounce HERJA as “Hell-Ya“.

    That’s pretty far from the pronunciation in Norse mythology, where the word comes from.

    For $1,995.09 the rifle is yours with an estimated delivery time of around 6-8 weeks.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.