10mm and 40SW In One Levergun – Ranger Point Precision 10/40SS

    Hold on a minute. You mean to tell me I can have one levergun that can feed and function both .40S&W and 10mm? The good people at Ranger Point Precision have developed an innovative new extractor for the Marlin 1894 that allows for the proper head spacing of 10mm ammunition as well as the use of .40S&W. The RPP 10/40SS will allow for economical range shooting or subsonic loads for silencer setups as well as a competent woods gun pushing hard cast lead in 10mm cases.

    I am consistently impressed with the innovation and products coming from the good people at Ranger Point Precision. Details and specifications are listed below.

    Ranger Point Precision 10/40SS

    RPP 10/40SS is a unique rifle, so much so that it is the first of its kind. It represents a number of extraordinary developments in the Marlin levergun platform, if not repeating rifles as a whole class. To our knowledge, there is nothing else like it.

    To begin with, this rifle could not have been built without first developing RPP’s exceptional M/94 extractor, an d then our controlled round feed conversion, since the 10mm and .40 S&W headspace on their case mouths. So while the longer 10mm headspaces normally in this rifle, the .40 S&W round is held against the bolt face by the extractor alone.

    • Evolutionary new design runs 10mm auto and .40 S&W interchangeably
    • Use .40s for cheap plinking or 10mm for hunting/self defense
    • Utilizes RPP’s exceptionally strong M/94 extractor
    • Controlled round feed for ultimate reliability and smooth function
    • Shortest lever stroke of any Marlin 1894 for exceptional speed
    • Ultra slick action
    • The only carbine of its kind

    Ranger point

    • Caliber Chambered in 10mm / also shoots .40 S&W
    • Capacity 12+1 rounds 10mm; 13+1 rounds .40 S&W
    • Barrel Douglas Chro-Moly Barrel
    • Barrel Length 17.5″ or your choice of length
    • Barrel / Mag Tube Convert barrel band attach to pin & tenon setup
    • Barrel Coating KG Gun Kote (Gun Metal Blue)
    • Weight 6 lbs.
    • Stock Straight Grip Hardwood
    • Accuracy Accurized
    • Action Short Stroke & Controlled Feed conversion, RPP M/94 Extractor Claw
    • Donor Rifle Option #1 Marlin 1894 .357 / .38 Spl
    • Conversion Price $1,800 + donor rifle
    • Upgrade options Metal and wood coatings, medium loop lever, scope mount rail, sights, aluminum mag follower, quick takedown screw, engraving, inlay.



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