[SHOT 2024] DTV Arms Redesigns The Minigun

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[SHOT 2024] DTV Arms Redesigns The Minigun

In a groundbreaking twist on traditional armament designs, firearms manufacturer DTV Arms prepares to bring a significantly revamped minigun to the market. Operating on the foundational architecture of the M134 model, the redesigned minigun features tailored, brand-specific components, marking an ambitious bid to deliver a lighter, stronger weapon system to the sector.

The innovations demonstrated by DTV Arms are myriad. Key to the redesigned minigun is a 3D-printed titanium yoke, along with additional chassis parts, which reduce the gun’s weight by a notable 45 percent. Such a reduction is bound to not only enhance handling characteristics but also ease the burden of those required to carry it in the field of battle or in airborne operations.

Not only does the weight reduction yield ergonomic advantages, but it also contributes to substantial enhancement in service life expectancy. The titanium-based overhaul extends the minigun’s life expectancy to an impressive 4 million rounds, a marked improvement from the standard steel M134’s lifespan of 1.5 million rounds.

This extension of service life is not the only enhancement developed by DTV Arms. The firearm will utilize PCP ammunition, using polymer links for additional weight reduction. The minigun’s redesign also cleverly integrates a built-in battery system ensuring that up to 30,000 rounds may yet be fired, even in the loss of plug-in power.

Maintenance has also received attention in this revamped minigun. The traditional 5/16-head bolts have been substituted with a quick-release retention design. According to the designer, this innovation makes the minigun easier to maintain, negating the need for single-use locking nuts and eliminating the problem of damaged threads.

DTV Arms has also taken the health and safety of operators into account. The new minigun model includes a suppressor, which quashes 99% of muzzle flash and significantly diminishes the concussive effect of firing the weapon— a crucial intervention for preventing operator concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Amidst numerous improvements, DTV Arms ensures its redesigned minigun will not break the bank. Its pricing strategy will place it within a 1% to 2% margin compared to existing minigun models, but promises to deliver a substantially extended lifespan.

This reimagined weapon has been designed with a very specific operator group in mind. “I tailored this to the aviation guys,” says the designer, Kris Paulson, “making it lighter so they could carry more ammo.” This instrument of innovation and operational efficiency showcases how DTV Arms is pushing boundaries and setting new standards in their pursuit of excellence.

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