Glock Demanding Customer Private Info

    A local PA store, Trop Guns, has disinclined to acquiesce to Glock’s request to review their 4473s. The request is in regards to Glock’s Blue Label program. The BLP is a discount progam for active Law Enforcement and Military to purchase Glock pistols at a discount. At the moment, due to Trop Gun’s refusal, they have been booted out of the Blue Label program.

    According to Lancaster Online:

    Phil Groff, Trop’s national sales manager, said the store was kicked out of the program after he refused to allow Glock to review federal forms Blue Label Program customers filled out when they bought guns from Trop.

    ‘We were not going to provide that information to a private company, no matter what,’ Groff said.

    As a PA resident, anyone who purchases a pistol must fill out two forms at the minimum. The Federal 4473 and a State Record Of Sale form required by the state police. It is not technically a form of registry but a copy is sent to the state police for them to file. So call it what you will.

    The Lancaster Article mentions the 4473:

    Every person buying a gun from a store in the U.S. fills one out. It requires the buyer to list either a Social Security number or a unique personal identification number, among other personal information.

    This is false. As many of you know, the 4473 does not require a SSN or UPIN. These are always optional on the 4473 as well as the PA State Record Of Sale form.

    According to the Lancaster Online article, the Blue Label Program has their own form with which Glock could request and review. The 4473 forms and the State Record of Sale are not part of that purview and to hand them over would violate state and federal law.

    For more infomation go to the Lancaster Online article here.

    Here is Trop Guns’ announcement on their website.

    I am curious though, if this action from Glock is in anyway related to the Blue Label Glock straw purchase that happened last year. If i recall correctly, the Uncle lived in PA. Here is the article we wrote on that fiasco.

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