Headstamp Publishing Unveil Heckler & Koch Volume 3

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
Headstamp Publishing Unveil Heckler & Koch Volume 3

Headstamp Publishing have announced the release of their latest volume in their Heckler & Koch book series! Volume 3 covers HK’s iconic roller-delayed blowback based rifles and machine guns including everything from the earliest G3s to the ill-fated G41 as well as a host of rarely seen prototypes and machine guns like the HK21!

Headstamp Publishing Unveil Heckler & Koch Volume 3

Volume 3 is available to order now in standard ($105), signed ($135), slipcase ($165) and signed slipcase ($195/$198) editions.

Headstamp Publishing Unveil Heckler & Koch Volume 3
Headstamp Publishing Unveil Heckler & Koch Volume 3

Here’s what Headstamp Publishing have to say about Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch Vol.3:

We are excited to add the newest Vickers Guide title to our offerings – Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch (Volume 3). Made possible through unprecedented access to the collections of Heckler & Koch Germany and Heckler & Koch USA, along with numerous private collections from around the globe, Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch (Volume 3) tells the story of the development and production of the rifles and machine guns utilizing the roller-delayed blowback operating system at Heckler & Koch. Starting with one of the original 400 German troop trial STG CETME rifles assembled at Heckler & Koch in 1956, this book covers the broad array of prototypes, production models, and sub-variants of the family of weapons that originated with the G3 rifle.


Approx. 464 pages13″ wide by 11″ tall (approx.)Commercial quality, section sewn style binding which allows the book to lay flatFull color prints on premium quality photo paper stockFoil stamped, red linen hardcoverFull color protective dust jacketRibbon page marker

This Third Volume of Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch includes detailed photographs and commentary for the CETME rifle, G3, HK32, HK33, G41, HK41, HK53, HK91, HK93, HK21, HK23, HK11, HK13, PSG 1, and MSG 90, along with a large number of variants of each of these models. Additionally, this Third Volume details the grenade launchers produced during the era covered by this book, including the HK69, MZP 1 A1, TGS, and HK79 A1.

Featuring in excess of 85 different firearms, with numerous additional accessories, Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch (Volume 3) gives the reader a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into some of the most significant Heckler & Koch roller-delayed rifles, machine guns, and special purpose weapons produced throughout its long and distinguished history. For the production of this book, Larry Vickers and James Rupley have teamed up with renowned firearms instructor and HK expert James Williamson of Teufelshund Tactical, as well as a number of other subject matter experts, whose cumulative insights allow for an extraordinary and unparalleled presentation.

Find out more at www.headstamppublishing.com

Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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