SecureIT Now Offering MILSPEC Storage Retrofit Kit

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

SecureIT Tactical, makers of several different types of firearms storage solutions, is now offering a MILSPEC kit to retrofit any safe or cabinet into a customized place to store tactical style firearms.

I know trying to put a tactical style carbine in a safe made for more traditional rifles can be troublesome. I’ve modified my safe to fit several of my rifles better. The saddles that came with my safe were about 1″ higher than the end of the muzzle on even my standard length carbines with a 16″ barrel. This storage kit makes sense to me, allowing the user to fully customize the heights of the saddles.

The modular saddles are movable for height and the foot is adjustable to fit the stock of most rifles. This makes it completely adjustable to fit a lot of different shapes and sizes of rifles. It definitely serves a good purpose and solves a problem that I know quite a few people have, more so for those looking to store AR pistols or SBR’s.

If you want to see the adjustments in action, take a look at their video below, or take a look at their press release.

SecureIt’s weapon storage platform with patented saddle system is now available to the civilian market. The unit integrates Military authenticity into any traditional safe or locking cabinet.

Modular storage that easily retrofits any traditional safe or locking cabinet to properly store six tactical or modern sporting rifles. Features SecureIt Tactical weapon storage platform with patented saddle system developed under contract with US Army Special Forces.

What it does
Properly stores any combination of 6 tactical and/or modern sporting firearms. The upper saddle adjusts on back panel to cradle a long gun at the barrel, rail or magwell leaving room for attached optics. The lower saddle adjusts to secure any size gun stock on an angled shelf. The flexible system secures each firearm individually preventing contact with the containers interior or other firearms.

See the video here.

Why you need it
There are a number of considerations to factor into your firearm storage choice from accessibility and firearm type to security and local gun safety laws. SecureIt has isolated and addressed these concerns with a modular platform that adapts to the changing gun preferences in todays market. Straight line access organizes firearms at an arms length without moving other guns or gear. Organizational awareness gives you a quick visual survey allowing you to inspect each firearm at a glance and determine what is needed for your current use.

The Market Opportunity
An estimated 5 million military type rifles have been sold in the civilian market over the last 5 years with accompanying optics and accessories. There is a growing understanding that with our 2nd amendment right comes the responsibility to safely secure all of our firearms.

How it works
SecureIt’s weapon storage platform features a louvered back panel and patented 2 component saddle system that adjusts on the fly to properly store each individual firearm. The lower saddle cups adjust on a sloped shelf to support any size stock while the upper saddle adjust vertically to cradle the barrel, rail or magwell so optics do not touch or bump anything on retrieval or storage. You may customize your storage configuration with adjustable bins, trays, shelves and pistol pegs.

MILSPEC KIT specifications

• Made in the USA

• Two 17.25″ x 16″ louvered panels

• SecureIt Tactical’s patented saddle system for 6 firearms

• Installation hardware

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TFB Staff

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  • George H Hill George H Hill on Jul 06, 2014

    Straight Line Access and Organizational Awareness! I NEED THAT SHIT!

  • Bodie Bodie on Jul 13, 2014

    Did he really say, "Organizational awareness"?

    I need something like this badly. But really, all I want are the backers, not the foot stand. The stand just takes up space.