1791 Gunleather Brings Vintage WW2 Holster Back To Market

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

1791 Gunleather has introduced two new holsters comprising the Military Classic series. Both models are leather and revivals of classic US military designs. If you have either a 1911 or Hi-Power clone (or would like to) keep reading to check them out.

Holsters @ TFB:

First up is the M3 tanker shoulder holster. This classic design has a retention strap across the grip and a tie-down strap that attaches to a belt. The M3 holster can also be used without securing the belt tie-down.

The other Military Classic holster is a Model 1916 hip holster. 1791 brands it the G.I. Hip Holster. It has a tie-down strap to loop around the leg. This is a full-flap design, which protects the gun from the elements and rough handling.

Both holsters are available in brown or black finishes. Both also retail for $99.99 and are available on the 1791 Gunleather website.

All images from 1791 Gunleather.

From the manufacturer:

“Introducing the updated M1916 “US” embossed leather flap holster for the classic M1911—a must-have for enthusiasts of US Military classics and Americana. This holster is a meticulous modern replica, crafted from thick tan leather that mirrors every detail of the original. Designed for versatility, it features hooks for a standard G.I. web belt and slots for a standard Duty Belt, complete with a leather thigh strap. Perfect for collectors and practical use alike, this holster blends historical authenticity with contemporary craftsmanship. Elevate your collection with this iconic piece of American military history.
Carry a piece of WWII history with our authentic replica of the M3 holster for the M1911. Designed for enthusiasts of US Military classics and Americana, this holster uses a single strap to secure your gun over the shoulder and across the body, keeping the Government 1911 snug under your off-hand arm for an easy crossbody draw. Featuring the iconic “US” embossment, the holster’s adjustable over-the-shoulder strap ensures optimal comfort and fit. With an over-the-back retention strap and original style snap system, your firearm remains secure at all times. Elevate your collection with this perfect blend of historical authenticity and practical design.”

Find out more at 1791gunleather.com

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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