Archive: November, 2013

SI CheckMate Compensator

Strike Industries have added a new compensator to their line of muzzle brakes. The SI CheckMate Compensator, named after its close resemblance to a castle chess piece, is a single baffle brake with an offset top port optimized for right handed shooters (lefties, this is [Read More…]


MFT Tekko Integrated Rail System

Mission First Tactical is making a 7″ aluminum quad-rail for the AR-15.  Called the T-MARC (Tekko Metal AR Carbine) Integrated Rail System, it replaces the standard handguard with a unit that has four Picatinny rails. No screws or gunsmithing is needed to install [Read More…]

Triple Witnessing?

The above photo, taken by Sgt Rupert Frere, was a runner up in the British Army’s annual photo compeititon. It show Cpl Carl Hines, Royal Artillery, providing covering fire in Afghanistan. The solider has a standard British Army ELCAN Lightweight Day Sight [Read More…]

Fobus Holster

CH Rapid Release System Holster

Fobus Holsters introduced a new line of retention holsters for Glock and Heckler & Koch handguns.  The new holsters, called the CH Rapid Release System, uses a paddle device on the exterior of the holster to release the gun during the draw.  The system appears to [Read More…]