The PLA Also Have An Underwater Gun

    A Chinese TV station has broadcasted footage of Chinese PLA Navy drivers with their clone of Russia’s APS Underwater Assault Rifle. The existence of this gun was confirmed only three years ago and until now I have not seen clear above water photos of the gun.



    The gun has  improved on the original by adding a forward handguard, improved sights (although I am unsure how useful sights are at close range underwater) and a snag free magazine.

    The original Russian APS Underwater Assault Rifle

    The original Russian Tula APS Underwater Assault Rifle

    Unlike the new Tula ADS Underwater Rifle, this gun is not useful above water. The bullets, which resemble long needles, are designed to operate in water and have very limited range out of it. On the other hand, many folks argue it is not particularly useful below water either …

    Thanks to Sven for the link.

    Steve Johnson

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