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Painting With Gunpowder

This video about a Chinese artist who “paints” with gunpowder (blackpowder) is worth watching. As usual, when linking to a video, I have to point out that a lot of what is said in the video is total nonsense. Gunpowder is not natural, unless [Read More…]

9mm iPod Case

The website ShapeWays allows designers to sell their 3D-printable products. When a customer orders a design, Shapeways prints it on-demand and cuts the designer in on the profits. A reader emailed us about a nifty iPhone case with integrated 9mm cartridge [Read More…]

X-rays of guns

Photographer Nick Veasay used a number of x-ray machines to capture multiple images, many of which are firearms. Upon contacting the artist, he provided the following photos to TFB. Naturally, I had some questions regarding some of the equipment and such, but Nick [Read More…]

henry arms

New Henry Rifles for 2014

Henry Repeating Arms recently announced several new guns that the company will make in 2014. One of the newly announced guns is a deluxe engraved edition of the .44-40 original Henry rifle. This will be a limited run of 1000 guns that have a American walnut stock [Read More…]

Black Friday Poll

There are quite a few good deals happening this year on Black Friday. Slick Guns has collected all the relevant Black Friday sale catalogs. Will you be buying anything this year? Answer the poll below …

Anschütz MSR RX22 Now On Sale

I has taken over two years, but finally the Anschütz MSR RX22 is hitting US shores. The gun is being imported by Steyr Arms and being sold for $895 for the standard black and desert colored models (below), and $995 for the precision model (top). From the press [Read More…]

GWACS Lightweight AR-15 Lower Review

Over at AllOutdoor, Oleg Volk reviews the GWACS Lower, an updated version of the polymer lower that used to be manufactured by Cavalry Arms. The Cav Arms lower was popular back in the day but the company went out of business and sold off their designs and equipment. [Read More…]