HERA Arms FDE and OD Green H3 Windowed Mags

    HERA Arms recently announced that their windowed H3 mags will now come in Flat Dark Earth and OD Green. Also available in black, HERA Arms H3 magazines are made in Germany and feature a window positioned along the spine of the magazine, as opposed to the side like on Magpul’s windowed mags, to allow shooters to see how many rounds they have left from three different sides of the mag. The H3 mag is made out of fiberglass-reinforced polymer and makes use of a pre-coated steel spring for rust protection. The inside of the H3 is also polished for smoother travel for the anti-tilt- follower. The H3 is a 4179 STANAG magazine which makes it compatible to be used with the M16/M4/AR-15 platform as well as the HK416, SA80A2, FN MK16 SCAR16, and Beretta ARX160. They currently go for $26.25 over at TacticalLink.com.


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