American Tactical’s $50 OMNI Hybrid AR-15 Lower

    American Tactical Imports have developed a low cost AR-15 lower receiver made of a fiberglass-composite polymer with a zinc metal insert which encompasses the buffer tube collar and rear take down pin. The metal insert prevents the receiver from cracking due to force applied to the rifle’s stock, which is arguably the achilles heel of traditional all-polymer lowers.

    The company has produced a number of YouTube videos to demonstrate the strength of the OMNI Hybrid. The first video shows the receiver being run over by an 11,000 lb. fork lift. The second video shows 270 lb weights being hung from a buffer tube installed on the OMNI Hybrid.

    The stripped receiver weights 8 oz, less than an aluminum receiver but more than an all polymer or magnesium receiver. If you were a polymer-lower-skeptic, this might be the cheap and light lower you were looking for. The MSRP is $49.95.

    Steve Johnson

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