Strange AR/Sten 9mm Hybrid with 2″ Barrel

    A reader noticed this strange looking short barreled rifle being auctioned off on GunBroker. The upper receive resembles the Sten submachine gun’s receiver and its lower looks to be a modified AR-15 lower with a AR-15 pistol grip and a A2-style stock.

    Despite being as long as a 5.56mm AR-15 with a 8″ barrel, this 9mm carbine has what looks to be a 2″ (maybe 3″ max.) barrel. A Glock 26 is going to have greater muzzle velocity. Still, I would love to have some trigger time with this gun. It looks like a lot of fun.

    The gun was built by a company named MK Gun Mods of Mt. Dora, Florida. The  auction’s “Buy Now” is $650 (not including the $200 tax stamp for the transfer).


    On a Form 3 currently . Custom built Half Sten ,half AR . Uses 9mm sten Magazines .1 included. Fun little blaster with an A2 stock . Built by MK gun Mods ,here in Florida . Currently on Form 3 will transfer to your SOT . You must pay the 200$ tax to the NFA/BATFE Shipping lower 48 40.00 Buy It now gets 3 Magazines. any questions please email me thank you

    Thanks to Cymond for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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