Tacti-cool StG44 rifles

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Sport-Systeme Dittrich, who manufacturer semi-automatic reproductions of German WWII weapons, have produced three alternative history versions of the famous Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) assault rifle. These rifles explore how the StG44 may have developed if Germany had won the war. Legendary photographer and editor-in-chief of Bron i Amunicja Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV) took these photos at IWA 2009, an outdoor expo in held in Germany, and emailed them to me.

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The original BD44 (StG44 clone) for comparison

These photos are Copyright Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV). Used with permission.

The new side folding stock variant.

Over folding stock variant.

The Tacti-Cool variant. Quad rails, full length top rail, side folding stock, recoil pad, red dot sight.

A big thanks to Remi for the photos and information. Also, thanks to Mehul for sending me info about the Stg44.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Bolter Bolter on Mar 27, 2009

    Interordnance was going to import these a year ago (I had a deposit on one). Vaporware so far. The ads disappeared months ago, and have not heard about the importation since. They are sold in Canada and have been for some time. The same manufacturer also makes a very nice repro MP-38 that has been imported by IO (unfortunately folding stock welded shut naturally due to short barrel).

  • Orlando Orlando on May 28, 2012

    Believe it or not, the underfolding stock model WAS produced, although the stock was made for the STG45. It was an incredibly rare prototype, and very little information is available for it, but I DO have some pictures of it!



    I also have a book that details it's build and operation, as well as it's production.

    • Mike Mike on Jul 09, 2013

      @Orlando That's not a German prototype, its Swiss if i remember correctly, definitely not not an StG 44 or variant