Nightstick Introduces New LGL-160-T Turbo Long Gun Light Kit

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Modern rifle lights are great for more than up-close shooting. New high candela high lumen lights can now reach and illuminate targets at distances that rival the range of some of your rifles. This is also the case for the new Nightstick LGL-160-T Turbo High Candela Long Gun Light kit which claims to have a 632-yard "tight beam" illumination distance. This new light comes complete with a mounting kit that features both a regular tail cap and the ability to use the light with an included remote pressure switch.

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Nightstick Introduces New LGL-160-T Turbo Long Gun Light Kit

“The LGL-160-T Turbo Long Gun Light Kit adds long-distance target discrimination to your rifle, carbine, or shotgun. Made of 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized black, it produces 100,000 candela and 800 lumens with a 2-hour runtime. Designed around a new high-intensity parabolic reflector, the tightly focused beam has a 632-meter beam distance.
Included in the kit:
LGL-160-T Turbo weapon light
LGL-ENDCAP2 tail cap switch
LGL-RPS2 remote pressure switch (6” cable)
LGL-SM1 standard Picatinny mount w/thumb screw
LGL-OM1 45º offset Picatinny mount w/thumb screw
NS-PIC2 pressure switch rail mount
NS-WM1 wire management clamp
(2) CR123 batteries
Allen wrench
Alcohol prep pad
Adhesive-backed Velcro mounting strip
Instruction manual LGL-160-T”

The new Nightstick LGL-160-T Turbo High Candela Long Gun Light Kit will be available from the extensive list of Nightstick dealers nationwide and will probably retail for around $160 or so based on the price of the previous LGL-160 light kit that came out a number of years ago. For more information on where to buy the new Turbo Long Gun Light Kit or to see other Nightstick flashlight offerings, you can visit

“The light comes installed with a standard tail cap switch and reversible thumb-screw Picatinny mount. It can be mounted with the included offset Picatinny mount, providing flexible options to clear front sights and other mounted equipment while allowing easy support hand activation. Both the tail cap switch and the included 6" remote pressure pad/switch feature momentary or constant-on modes. The kit also includes an RPS Picatinny rail mount and Nightstick-exclusive wire management rail clamp to prevent cable snags. It comes with two CR123 batteries but can be upgraded to lithium-ion rechargeable with the optional 18650-KIT.”
Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Battleshipgrey Battleshipgrey on Jun 20, 2024

    If they hold to that price it looks like a solid kit.

  • G F G F on Jun 20, 2024

    IPX7 = So you know, sometimes, the level of protection is unknown or hasn’t been tested. In these cases, an ‘X’ replaces the numeral. IPX7 Waterproof means the device has level 7 water sealing, while its protection against dust is unknown.