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Dear Hollywood, if you want to be tacti-cool and dual wield a AR-15 and a knife, make sure you have a rear sight installed, otherwise you just look stupid. As seen on The Walking Dead. [ Many thanks to Clinton for the sending in the photo. ]  

National Geographic’s Family Guns

Next week National Geographic will begin airing a nine-part series about a father and son who run a antique weapons business. The trailer looks good … From the press release … Meet the Indiana Joneses of historical weaponry: father-son duo Christian and Alex [Read More…]

Gangster Gun on American Guns

Did I say Gangster Gun? I meant Wedding Anniversary Gun. I am rarely critical of guns, I don’t discriminate, I love ‘em all, but even I have my limits. MSNBC reports … Even with $12,000 worth of diamonds, it does not comes close to being “the No. [Read More…]