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Book Review: Guns of the Special Forces 2001-2015

Guns of the Special Forces is a recent publication by Pen & Sword Press written by Leigh Neville, an Australian defense and military author. The book is inspired by Guns of the Elite written by George Markham, an in-depth look at the history and then current [Read More…]

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Review: “Prepper Guns” Asks if You’re Ready for Potential Disaster

Yes, I am a gun writer – or an outdoor writer, to use the proper term. If you assume this means I read quite a bit, you’d be right, but not every gun writer out there is also a reader. For me, reading is paramount. The only thing capable of fighting my [Read More…]

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Firearms Food for Thought: Does the Shooter Make the Gun, Or…?

It’s an argument that’s been knocked back and forth at more than one 3-gun event or hunting cabin: does the shooter make the gun, or does the gun make the shooter? Or, in other words, can a subpar or average shooter be made into a superstar with the [Read More…]

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Gun Safes: Just How Strong Is Yours?

Gun safes have been on our minds as of late thanks to a recent rush of said safes on the market. Among those recently announced: Winchester’s 150th Anniversary safe and Realtree’s under-the-bed and stackable safe. Just how theft-proof is your safe? [Read More…]


Winchester’s 150th Anniversary Safe

Winchester was founded in 1866 and as you all know the legendary company is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. That celebration kicked off at SHOT and will be continuing throughout the year. Next on the celebration agenda is an anniversary safe which was part [Read More…]

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