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Y-man in Atlanta February 2013!

Update from Y-man January – February 2013 (My FIRST self-posted guest post! Yay!). My previous post about my October visit to the USA is here. Well, hello all… Y-man here again. And when I say “here” I mean “HERE” in the USA on another visit. I came over [Read More…]


Wing One Clay Target Thrower

I own a number of different hand-held clay throwers. I personally prefer the portability of hand throwers over the consistency offered by traditional ground staked or tire mounted throwers. The problem with the hand throwers I own is that I struggle to teach new [Read More…]


Art Of The Sawed-Off Shotgun

A sawed off shotgun is near the top of my gun acquisition list. I love the combination of dark ebony-stained wood and the duracoat grey/green finish. [ Many thanks to WhaleOil for the tip. ] Win a Kel-Tec PMR-30 !!!


Chiappa Triple Barreled Shotgun

Chiappa just published a video of their upcoming Triple Threat, a tripled barrelled shotgun which will go on sale next year. The rate of fire is impressive. Triple barrel shotguns are not new. They have been around for about as long as shotguns themselves have but the [Read More…]