USA Clay Target League Sees Record-Breaking Start to 2022 Season

Luke C.
by Luke C.
USA Clay Target League Sees Record-Breaking Start to 2022 Season

Safety, fun, and marksmanship – in that order. These are the goals of the USA Clay Target League. For those who don’t know, the USA Clay Target League is a youth-focused sport shooting league featuring over 1,400 homeschooled, college, and high school student teams that are spread out across the nation. This year the USA Clay Target League has seen some phenomenal numbers in terms of participation with over 31,000 student-athletes participating in the opening stages of the 2022 season breaking previous year’s records. With this news also comes the fact that the USACTL is in fact one of the fastest-growing school sports in the country.

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USA Clay Target League Sees Record-Breaking Start to 2022 Season

USA Clay Target League Sees Record-Breaking Start to 2022 Season

We are excited to have broken our records for high school, college, and homeschool participation this season.” said John Nelson, President of the USACTL, “There is such a high demand for outdoor activities that are an alternative to traditional sports, kudos to the coaches and parents that make these teams possible.”

The students’ 9-week season began in late March with the first of two practice weeks to get them warmed up. Weekly competition begins on the 17th of April, with a final ‘fun week’ in mid-May. The season culminates with tournaments held in June, and high school athletes with top season averages will be invited to register for the USA High School Clay Target League’s National Championship held in Michigan every July.

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The USA Clay Target League is known for being one of the safest leagues in the country with not one injury reported since the start of the league back near the turn of the century (2001). In stark contrast to other shooting competitions, each student-athlete must first complete a firearm safety certification before they start participating in the league. These types of youth-oriented shooting competitions are some of my favorites as they are helping to foster the growth and dedication of our next generation of firearms owners. What are your thoughts on this league and is it something you’d think about getting your student involved in? Let us know down in the comments!

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  • Rich Rich on Apr 11, 2022

    Clay shooting is the most fun you can have shooting.

  • KsKLR KsKLR on Apr 12, 2022

    This, in an era of urbanization and rampant political correctness, is the most beautiful thing imaginable. I just shot trap league last evening; their are 4 area high school teams shooting, along with our university trap team.
    Fort Hays State, from Hays, Kansas is the repeat National Champion and this year I believe both division 1 and 2. We couldn't be more proud of them.
    When just a few years ago the average trap shooter was at or near retirement, you now see high school and college age students filling up the lines. There's just as many young ladies as young men and they are every bit as good.
    It's an expensive sport if course, but they have tons of community support and these kids are great at fundraising.

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    • KsKLR KsKLR on Apr 12, 2022

      @Paul In the context of shooting sports, no. In the context of High School sports, yes. Most of these kids don't have parents who are already trap shooters, they have to find a way to aquire all the equipment. That's one of the things that's so great about this, they save and work and parents help out and it's pretty cool to see a 16 year old kid take a job after school not for a car but to afford a new trap gun.