POTD: Precision Rifle Competition with 22LR

    Precision Rifle Competition

    The CZ457 in action.

    The goal of TFB’s Photo Of The Day is to give your eyes something worth watching, and your brain something to think about every day. Over the years we have shown firearms from North to South, East to West in almost any imaginable situation and climate. Today we’re going to tempt you with some interesting rimfire builds from a recent 22LR Precision Rifle competition. Rimfire offers great training for the real thing, and if you haven’t tried it yet you should!

    Zero Compromise Optics on a Bergara 22LR.

    A Cerakoted Spuhr chassis to carry the internals of a Bergara B14-R 22LR. Using stage notes like this is very helpful, regardless if you click or use hold-overs between targets.

    A Bergara B14-R 22LR Trainer with an upgraded barrel in a Spuhr SICS chassis.

    With 22LR the timer has to be a lot closer to the rifle, but all stages run on a fixed amount of time.

    With 22LR rimfire you can place the targets in a lot more places than if you were shooting normal long-range calibers. Here there is a lof of target changes from low to high and sometimes over 90 degrees left to right.

    All pictures are taken by Robert Purvins, used with permission. You can find his Instagram here as well as some of his previous images here: KS Arms Wolverine Rifle, Very Rare SIG Neuhausen 44/16 Pistol, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare and The Satisfaction of Reloading.