Remington's New Sporting Clays Course and Inaugural Spring League

Luke C.
by Luke C.
Remington’s New Sporting Clays Course and Inaugural Spring League

Those who live in the Mid-South might be interested to hear that the Remington has just opened its new Gun Club and Sporting Clays Course to the public and is currently hosting its inaugural Spring League. This new sporting clays course and the gun club are located about two hours west of me in Lonoke, Arkansas just off of I-40. The new sporting clays facility is located just a short walk from Remington’s historic ammunition factory.

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Remington's New Sporting Clays Course and Inaugural Spring League

Remington’s New Sporting Clays Course and Inaugural Spring League

Everyone at Remington is really excited to see some action on this course and put some Remington lead down range,” said Joel Hodgdon, Remington’s Director of Marketing. “This is a remarkable facility. We have a ton of exciting events and tournaments planned for Remington fans and pros to get out here and break some clays.

The Remington Gun Club used to be open to the public and was originally opened in 1978. However, at some point during the time when Remington was changing hands, the decision was made to close the gun club to the public, and it has only now just been reopened, but with a few additions. Remington chose to add a new sporting clays course complete with not only one, but two new sporting clays courses each with at least 12-stations.

To celebrate this reopening of the gun club and to test out the new courses, Remington is hosting their first spring Sporting Clays League with divisions for both adults and youth (17 and under) sporting clays shooters. The league will last a total of six weeks and features a 300-target course with weekly cash and ammunition prizes being given away to competitors. The Remington spring league is currently underway and will last until May 22nd.

The revamped Pro Shop - Now open to the public

If you’re not in the competitive mood and you’re looking to visit the gun club and sporting clays course, regular customers can take advantage of the gun club’s expert instruction services, purchase Remington brand Premier STS, and Premier Nitro in their pro shop. The gun club and sporting clays course will also be made available for private events like corporate meetings, weekend getaways for groups, and fundraisers.

The Remington Gun Club is located at 1682 AR-15 Lonoke, AR 72086. For information regarding scheduling a visit or other information like operational hours, you can call 501-676-7961.

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Luke C.

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  • Suppressed Suppressed on Apr 22, 2022

    RemExec1: Hey guys, we really need to address our QC issues, I’m pretty sure “Remshit” is going to be added to the next edition of the dictionary as an accepted term in the English language.

    RemExec2: I hear what you’re saying and I want you to know that I value your opinion, and I am validating you as an essential member of our team. Having said that, QC is sooo boring. So instead of addressing that, I’m thinking we should build a sporting clays course that really only benefits a small portion of today’s gun culture in a geographic area that would benefit an even smaller portion of the nation! *rips a chonger of Peruvian marching powder* Now who’s with me?!?!? This is gonna be great, like a gun club and a country club had a beautiful baby!

  • Rodger Johnson Rodger Johnson on Apr 23, 2022

    They should be making ammo and components to sell to the public instead of this kind of crap. The club is built after success.