TriStar Arms Completes Its Third Expansion to Meet Demand

    TriStar Arms Completes Its Third Expansion to Meet Demand

    TriStar Arms has been offering years of quality service with a wide selection of firearms including pistols, shotguns, and rifles for just about every discipline of shooting. Most recently popular among their products are probably TriStar’s line of Bristol SxS shotguns which feature steel frames and precision laser engraved dovetails. The company has just completed its third facility expansion in just 7 years in a bid to meet the increasing demand for their firearms that they’ve experienced year over year.

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    TriStar Arms Completes Its Third Expansion to Meet Demand

    Even before the crunch of 2020/2021, demand for TriStar Arms firearms has increased considerably year after year,” said Ryan Bader, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We owe it to our customers to continually improve and so have once again expanded our capacity and workspace.

    The new expansion will provide more warehouse space which will give TriStar a total of 11,500 square feet which they have said should increase throughput efficiency by an estimated 30%. This increase in efficiency should lead to guns getting to local shelves quicker, and keep final costs down for the consumer. TriStar also says this expansion should also accelerate receiving, quality control, and shipping operations.

    TriStar Arms Completes Its Third Expansion to Meet Demand

    With the firearms industry going through a considerably rough time over the last two years, it’s good to see that companies are continuing to find success in these difficult times. TriStar continues to separate itself from similar firearms producers by choosing to hand fit and finish each of their shotguns which contributes to their build quality. For more information on TriStar’s recent expansion or to take a look at their full lineup of shotguns, pistols, and rifles, visit

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