New Matrix Inertia-Driven Shotguns from TriStar Arms

Luke C.
by Luke C.

TriStar Arms, a renowned importer of firearms in the United States, has recently unveiled its latest offering: the Matrix line of inertia-driven shotguns. Designed with hard-use, high-volume shooters in mind, these shotguns bring a new blend of “beauty and function” to the TriStar Arms lineup. Three initial offerings will be made including a walnut version, a Synthetic stock version, as well as the Matrix RT-Max-7 iteration featuring Realtree MAX-7 camouflage.

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New Matrix Inertia-Driven Shotguns from TriStar Arms

Matrix Series

The NEW Matrix Inertia Semi-Auto from TriStar is a blend of beauty and function. The first Inertia driven action in the line, the Matrix is offered in Synthetic, Camo and Wood configurations. The Inertia system allows for a slightly broader range of ammunition, as well as less cleaning and lubrication. The NEW Matrix Inertia is also back by Tristar’s 5-Year Warranty.


Inertia operated semi-automatic. Bolt remains open after last round is fired. If magazine and chamber are both loaded, opening action will result in ejecting shell from chamber but will not cycling new shell from magazine into the chamber. Magazine cut-off is located in front of trigger guard below the elevator and must be pushed to eject shell from magazine. This allows shooter to clear chamber but keep magazine loaded.


The primary safety is located on the backside of the trigger guard. When engaged, the safety is designed to block the trigger, hammer lever and the hammer which makes the firing mechanism immobile.


Tubular magazine, bottom loading. Shot plug included and comes installed. Shot plug easily removable by unscrewing the magazine cap. Simple pull plug out and replace magazine cap.

The Matrix is available in 12 or 20-gauge, comes with a standard 14 1/4″ length of pull, 5+1 capacity, and compatibility with Beretta Mobil chokes. Three finish and furniture combinations are available – classic matte black with walnut furniture, all-weather matte black with synthetic furniture, and hunt-ready Realtree MAX-7 camo with synthetic furniture. The suggested retail prices for these shotguns range from $595 to $685, keeping them all in budget-friendly territory for an inertia-driving semi-auto shotgun. To explore the full specifications and check availability, interested individuals can visit the official website of TriStar Arms.

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Hoyden Hoyden on Jun 02, 2023

    Any info on which Turkish mfg is building these for Tristar?

  • Gunsandrockets Gunsandrockets on Jun 04, 2023

    Is 20 gauge the smallest inertia-action shotgun chambering anyone offers? Is .410 even possible, or is the recoil level too light?

    • F5ver F5ver on Jun 05, 2023

      @gunsandrockets There are a couple 28 gauge recoil operated shotguns Benelli SBE3 and franchi al48, may be others. The only recoil operated 410 I know of is Remington 11-48 but that is long recoil, great guns though.