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IMG_4835 RS-full-ruger-mark-iv-1024x768 21Ruger Colt National Match Ammo miniscabbard Ruger ammo Ruger American Compact Black Arch LCP II Holster top[336] VIRIDIAN1 P8172614 IMG_4267 Ruger American Compact 14344076_10157333973790018_4047276676982320768_n GetImage Ruger Mark IV IMG_4070 New Unannounced Product 77-Series unnamed ITgJcDo 6804 Manual Safety Version 1323473_orig desantisnemesis top SR1911

Top 5 Guns I’m Glad I Bought

Everyone has a few purchases that have resulted in no buyer’s remorse whatsoever, and in this list I breaks down five of mine. The firearms on this list can meet a pretty broad set of criteria, ranging from how fun said gun is to how useful it has been over the years. What are the top [Read More…]

SR22 Threaded Barrel Kit DSC_0529 PHOTO_20160522_140145 Ruger Takedown Lite FTW-Hunter-R 22/45 Lite ruger_enhanced_5 Ruger Redhawk Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.34.50 AM green ruger Ruger revolver