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Top 5 Guns I’m Glad I Bought

Everyone has a few purchases that have resulted in no buyer’s remorse whatsoever, and in this list I breaks down five of mine. The firearms on this list can meet a pretty broad set of criteria, ranging from how fun said gun is to how useful it has been over the years. What are the top [Read More…]

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TFB’s Rifle (And Subgun) Weight Omnibus – How Heavy is Your Rifle? (Part 2 of 3)

(This is Part 2 of the TFB Rifle Weight Omnibus. You can read Part 1 here.) In October, I traveled out to see my co-writer Alex C. to collect data on the weights of different long guns and some of their components. Over that weekend, I weighed 58 rifles and submachine [Read More…]

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BREAKING: Ruger To Release New Polymer-Framed Striker-Fired “Ruger American” Pistol In 9mm and .45 ACP

Sturm, Ruger & Co. appears to be set to release a brand new handgun for SHOT Show 2016. An FFL on Facebook apparently received the new gun ahead of Ruger’s announcement, most likely scheduled for the NSSF Shot Show. The Gun Show Podcast blogged the photos [Read More…]