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5 Gun Myths that should die

Caleb over at Gun Nuts posted 5 myths about guns that should just die. 1. Handgun stopping power 2. High bore axis 3. You can upgrade a Mosin in a way that makes it better 4. Competition shooting will get you killed in the street 5. Pistols and shotguns are [Read More…]

The new Bushnell CQTS red dot optic. The new CZ 550 Sonoran Norinco Type 97 Bullpup 9959219795_3ea859efd8_c umpm

Converting an H&K USC to a UMP

It is no secret that H&K makes great firearms. They have been in business since 1949 and have produced a number of small arms that have been adopted by countless armies and police agencies across the globe. Perhaps the most famous however has been their MP5 series [Read More…]


Russian Marine Firearm Training

English Russia has posted photos of Russian Marines training with firearms near Vladivostok … While on the subject of Russian, here is an interesting video about Russia’s high caliber rifles … [ Many thanks to Rolf and Sven (Defence and Freedom) for [Read More…]


The Remington 783

Just days after Remington sent out a teaser American Rifleman has published an article about the not-yet-officially-announced rifle. The new mystery rifle from Remington is the Remington 783, a rifle that falls in between the Remington 700 SPS (the cheapest Model 700) [Read More…]


SA80 in Bolivia

German newspaper Tagesschau.de published this photo of a Bolivian special forces solider carrying a SA80 rifle. Bolivia is only one of two users of SA80 outside of Britain, the other being Jamaica. The solider in the above photo looks a lot less frightening than the [Read More…]


Gun Buying Frenzy Photos

The gun buying frenzy is in full swing. Gun stores all over the country are reporting record sales. Stephen emailed us these before and after photos from the store he works at. This week his store has been selling 1,000 each day. Another reader emailed us photos of his [Read More…]