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New Legacy Sports Scopes

Legacy Sports, the company known for their wide range of products including those from Howa and Citadel is coming out with a new rifle scope series. The new line is the Nikki Stirling Panamax Series, and the scopes being introduced were made specifically to deliver [Read More…]

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5 Gun Myths that should die

Caleb over at Gun Nuts posted 5 myths about guns that should just die. 1. Handgun stopping power 2. High bore axis 3. You can upgrade a Mosin in a way that makes it better 4. Competition shooting will get you killed in the street 5. Pistols and shotguns are [Read More…]

The new Bushnell CQTS red dot optic. The new CZ 550 Sonoran Norinco Type 97 Bullpup 9959219795_3ea859efd8_c umpm

Converting an H&K USC to a UMP

It is no secret that H&K makes great firearms. They have been in business since 1949 and have produced a number of small arms that have been adopted by countless armies and police agencies across the globe. Perhaps the most famous however has been their MP5 series [Read More…]