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New POF 9mm Pistol

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) is teasing a new 9mm pistol that should be released in the coming months. The gun is called the Patriot Sub Gun, or PSG for short. The new guns are AR-styled pistols that use Colt 9mm stick magazines. All controls are said to be completely [Read More…]

2015-04-14 04_18_04-Definitive Arms AKX-9 - YouTube P30SK-V1_2241x2241 ria 1911 HK P7M13

Heckler and Koch P7M13

Throughout the sixty-seven years Heckler and Koch have been in business, there are a number of firearms produced by the company that one could consider perennial. Chief among such designs would be the MP5 and or the G3, both weapons which continue to see use even fifty [Read More…]

XDS9339B_1200x7821 The .223 Rem. chambered Pocket AR model. IMG_5689 004-5 1-xXWzXLOVfFiao016L4cFgQ My CZ SPO1 Ruger Vaquero Plunder Original Glock (top), Glock with Strike Locking Block (bottom) GRM3 IMG_0865